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Wendy Walks the Plank

by Matthew Cooper
Eagle eyed Disney parks fans may be looking at this photo and thinking something looks different. Since I’m all about full disclosure when I change things in a photo let me explain… On our last trip in March we did the paid after-hours event, which was the perfect chance for us to ride Peter Pan multiple times with no wait. I was finally going to get all the shots I have missed over the years on this ride. Imagine my disappointment when I saw that the show lighting for this scene had an issue and was casting a horrible shadow across Wendy’s face. Looking at the photo later on my computer it was killing me that I would have to let this shot go to waste as I loved everything else about it, besides the shadow cast on her face. I made an attempt to fix it but the shadow was just too harsh and it wasn’t happening. I finally had the idea to take Wendy’s face from the next scene and transplant it into this scene. I kept the bow and carefully cut and aligned her face from the other scene into this one. I had to do a bit of color matching as well as shadow cleanup to match but I think it turned out great and I’m really happy with the final result.

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