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Vertical Splash Down

by Matthew Cooper
Vertical Splash Down

Getting a shot of Disneyland Splash Mountain from the front facing angle is much more difficult than at Walt Disney World. I wandered around here quite a while trying to find some good spots to shoot from and trying to figure out how to shoot over the high fence. Well I couldn’t so I took my lens off and re-attached it to my camera body through the fence instead. Much easier (riskier?) and I was able to finally frame up and get the shot I was looking for.

As an added bonus the fireworks started going off around the same time I started shooting (long story on why I wasn’t shooting the fireworks). This really helped light up the foreground and the frame I used here was nicely illuminated by some non-colored fireworks. I ended up using only 2 shots total, the one extra lit up from the fireworks, and another frame to cleanup some highlights. I made several color and levels adjustments and did some manual dodging and burning to get my final image.

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