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Universe of Solar & Kinetic Energy

by Matthew Cooper
Universe of Solar & Kinetic Energy

If I am going to retake a shot I’ve done before I like to ask myself how I can do that shot better. Otherwise, I am not sure if there is much point to retaking the shot. In this case, I had shot from this angle into the sun but did not capture the monorail. Plussing the shot with the monorail is an obvious improvement but I wanted to take it a step further. I setup my tripod for the shot and honed in my optimal exposure for the scene while waiting for the monorail. I knew where I wanted the monorail to be in the shot and I knew this was before it reached the sunburst. I also knew shooting into the sun with the 14-24 at this angle would create a huge rainbow flare across the frame, something I did not want. To deal with this just as the monorail was approaching I quickly took a couple shots with my hand blocking the sun which eliminated the flare and then quickly removed it in time to shoot the monorail at just the right spot on the rail. In post, I masked out the flare using my hand covered shot. It is a small detail but one I think helps complete the shot as I envisioned.

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