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A Tribute to Gaston from Gaston

by Matthew Cooper
A Tribute to Gaston from Gaston

From the looks of this photo it seems that Gaston’s fountain could use a bit of a cleaning. I’m not sure if they bother in general or if they just wait ’til a refurbishment time to clean it up. Hopefully they are able to bust out the rags and polish for overnight cleanups and I just got it on a bad day.

This was shot with the Nikon D810 and Nikon 14-24 2.8. One thing I’ve really enjoyed about the new Fantasyland area is the ease of shooting after hours. This area in my experience has cleared out very very quickly, often before the park is even closed allowing you to get the shots you want here quickly and move on to another area. This is always welcome as it really sucks to waste a ton of time on 1 or 2 shots waiting for people to get out of the way. Standard editing procedures apply here. I used 4 of my 5 bracketed shots which I blended together using luminosity masks. The extra shots were mainly used to create a more seamless transition in the highlights of the fountain as they were quite bright in various spots. I also manually blended a bit on the water falling down from the statue.

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