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Tomorrowland Light Streams

by Matthew Cooper
Tomorrowland Light Stream

Tomorrowland continues to be one of my favorite locations in Walt Disney World to photograph. There’s just so much going on and all the different colors lend to photos that pop. I love the cool steel look that goes along with that as well. Having said that I certainly feel there are elements of Tomorrowland that could be refreshed. For instance I would really love to see the Speedway eliminated and use that huge land plot for some kind of new exciting E-Ticket ride. The Laugh Floor is another attraction that while I’m sure many people enjoy is one I skip every single trip. Obviously a replacement here would be welcome. Also viewing some of the other Tomorrowland entrances around the world I am really drawn to the look of Japan’s Tomorrowland. It is futuristic but in a timeless way that I feel the Walt Disney World version does not have. I’d love to see a stylistic refresh of that sort brought to Walt Disney World here in the states.

Shot Details

This was once again a 5 shot bracket taken with my Nikon D810 and Nikon 14-24 2.8. I had a good base exposure and used multiple under exposures to blend in the various highlights in the scene. Tomorrowland can be tricky with all the brightly lit signs and neon to get just right. It is very easy to blow something out and not be able to recover it convincingly. One thing that can help is metering off one of the brightest lit signs and starting your exposure bracketing from that point. Doing this will guarantee you’ll have your brightest points properly exposed for. This is good because recovering shadows is always much much easier than recovering highlights, especially so on Nikon. Once the detail is blown there is no getting it back.

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