Tomorrowland at a Distance - Matthew Cooper Photography
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Tomorrowland at a Distance

Tomorrowland at a Distance

I’ve shot the Tomorrowland entrance a couple different ways over the years but I think my favorite is shooting it far away with a telephoto lens. Using the telephoto from far away as opposed to close up with the ultra-wide makes everything appear very accurate with very little if any geometric distortion. Additionally I love how the telephoto allows you to compress the space here and sort of meld all the wonderful neon colors together.

Shooting & Editing Tomorrowland at a Distance

This was shot with the Nikon D810 and Nikon 70-200 2.8. As I mentioned this is a really great choice for creating compression which I think works beautifully for Tomorrowland. This was a 5 shot bracket which I used 3 shots to create my base blend. I used my longest 30 second exposure as my base exposure and then 2 underexposures to clean up the highlights of which there are many to deal with in Tomorrowland with all the neon.  I used Nik Color Efex Pro Contrast to bump the contrast and then did some manual levels adjustments. The sky was looking pretty awful in this one as well so I had to color balance it independently of the rest of the scene. With all the intricate details I spent the most of my time for this image making a proper selection of the sky for the color balancing. I then bumped the saturation on the image as a whole, did some manual dodging and burning to draw more focus to the center of the image and finished it off with sharpening and denoising of the sky. All and all a pretty typical edit with the exception being all the time spent making the selection for the sky.

Matthew Cooper