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Tomorrow Starts Now

by Matthew Cooper
Tomorrow Starts Now


Tomorrow Starts Now

On the first morning at Disney I had Be Our Guest reservations at 8:20 and the park had early magic hours from 8:00-9:00. As this was the week prior to time change the sunrise time wasn’t much after the park opening. In fact arriving on the bus there was some magnificent colors but they were fading as I made my way through security. Clouds were starting to roll in as well but I was still hoping I’d be able to get a couple shots once I got in the park with some of the morning light.

With the construction going on with the castle I didn’t even bother going for a more typical sunrise photo but did quickly get a shot in the hub before noticing some gorgeous light starting to appear from the clouds behind the Tomorrowland entrance. The light did not last very long but it lasted just long enough for me to get what I needed and still make it in time for my breakfast reservation.

This is one of those shots I felt really good about from the moment I took it. What I love about it is how the hints of the lights from Tomorrowland’s various signs and neon are still showing as the golden light begins to blanket the area. The combination of the lights of the night and the light of the new day combine to create something extra magical. I love too the almost cold, sterile, metal filled future the picture potrays as opposed to the brightly lit neon future Tomorrowland normally elicits. Enjoy.

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Magic Kingdom Morning - Matthew Cooper Photography December 16, 2015 - 12:06 pm

[…] in the photo but fortunately there were large gaps to the east for sunrise. I previously shared a shot of the great light that was coming from Tomorrowland but before that I took this photo where that gorgeous light was bouncing off the side of Cinderella […]


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