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This is Epcot

by Matthew Cooper
This is EPCOT

I’m a day late for Monorail Monday.  Hopefully everyone will let it slide just this once as I was still fine tuning this shot.  The wife and I went on this most recent trip solely to not miss out on the Flower & Garden Festival.  I had never gotten to photograph it before and didn’t want to miss yet another year.  Once the trip was set in stone I started really thinking about some of the shots I wanted to get on this trip.  This shot was priority numero uno on my list of shots to get. Thanks to the Disney Park Manager mentioned in the previous post I had plenty of time to setup and take this shot.  I setup and while people trailed out of the parks I patiently waited as monorails came by and I captured them.  I actually had 4 chances (though I ended up using shots from monorail 1 and monorail 2) while I waited for everyone to clear out and take my final shots of the park empty.  I finally had a clearing and was able to snap off my bracket literally seconds before another group of people walked into frame. One of them being some dude with some epic Really Right Stuff gear /jealous. I packed up and wandered back further into Epcot for some more Spaceship Earth shooting.  Mission accomplished!

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Tilted Fantasyland - Matthew Cooper Photography December 30, 2015 - 9:07 am

[…] on one particular shot. I have made exceptions to this from time to time, a prime example being the Double Monorail Epcot shot. A shot like that takes a ton of time because not only do you have to get 2 separate monorail shots […]


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