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The Way of the Future

by Matthew Cooper
The Way of the Future

I’ve always really liked the futuristic scenes as you exit Space Mountain but for whatever reason I never really had any good pics of them. I posted a single shot of this scene a very long time ago but it was not great. Fast forward to this trip and when I came off Space Mountain I was excited to see the conveyor belt that you ride past these scenes wasn’t running. This meant I could easily stand in place to take shots of these scenes. This allowed me to frame the shot the way I wanted without having to fight against the conveyor belt. I only wish I had ridden with my tripod, as this would have been perfect to setup quickly and knock these scenes out at low ISO. Ultimately though it doesn’t make too much of a difference as the performance of a modern camera is great even at high ISO. I ended up doing a slight pano of this shot combining two shots I framed slightly differently to get a slightly wider shot than even the Nikon 14-24 allowed. Processing was incredibly straightforward after that with just a slight adjustment to shadows and highlights in camera raw followed by Nik Color Efex Pro Contrast. I used a shadows luminosity mask to apply some light denoising only to the darker areas and sharpened the final result.

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