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The Two Skies of the Epcot Resorts

by Matthew Cooper
The Two Skies of the Epcot Resorts

Honestly, I debated back and forth about even releasing this photo. It’s ultimately a picture of nothing as I’m way to wide to really show anything other than the sky. This was taken 2 days before Hurricane Matthew right after one of its bands had come through with a torrential down pour. I was out shooting this evening some media for the Swan & Dolphin resort when the band of rain hit. It was so hard I had to seek shelter and the closest spot from where I was shooting was under the overhang at JellyRolls. After the rain broke I was presented with this wonderful color and so before proceeding back to the Swan & Dolphin (You can see some more of the awesome sunset in photos I took for them on their Facebook page. You’ll know it when you see it.) Now you may be wondering why I didn’t just switch to another lens so I could zoom a bit more… and that’s a good question. The reason being the humidity was so bad that I simply couldn’t switch lenses. The back of the lens would fog almost immediately after wiping it. This was basically the same for the front of the lens except it was exposed so I could continually wipe it between shots. I still ended up needing to do a bit of haze correction as it was just terrible. Anyway, this is a stitch of two images and I decided to share it only because of how much I love the color contrast between the two sides. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

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