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The Monorail Seas

by Matthew Cooper
The Monorail Seas

This was a shot I had the idea for some time before our actual trip and was really looking forward to giving it a try. Unfortunately it didn’t go off exactly as planned.

I originally planned to light the monorail with a strobe trigger by my on camera flash. I used a remote to trigger my camera while standing at the rail with the strobe, but alas the distance was causing issues with reliability. After a second miss I decided to just shoot the next monorail that passed at a very high ISO and that is what we have here. Next time I’d like to try this with radio triggers to eliminate the firing reliability of the handheld strobe. That should help polish off the shot, though I’m sure someone else will try this before I get a chance myself. Still I think it turned out well enough and I think the monorail really helps to finish off this scene. Enjoy.

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