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The Country Bear Jamboree Bear Band

by Matthew Cooper
The Country Bear Bear Band Bears Now in High Definition

I don’t know what the overall public barometer on the Country Bear Jamboree is but I will admit I absolutely love it. I love the old school charm and the songs are catchy and humorous. It has a great nostalgic feel and I love that you can hear the animatronics when they move, adding to that classic attraction feel. I do have to take off points for the latest abbreviated version Disney put out however. The bits they took out to make the show shorter is quite the downgrade in my opinion and I really hope they will restore the full length show at some point.

As for shooting the show I’ve always enjoyed it though it isn’t particularly challenging. Over the years however, not just because of better gear but because I’ve improved my technique my shots have gotten better and better and I felt my latest attempt was enough improvement over my previous showing to share again. Funny enough I contribute part of it not even to gear or technique per say. I’ve always had very shaky hands and had to increase shutter speed and ISO often to compensate for my shaky hands even while using proper camera holding technique. Well since my last Disney trip I completely eliminated caffeine from my life, switching entirely to water and my hands are much much steadier now. Throughout the trip I was able to shoot at slower shutter speeds than I ever have been able to before due to my shaky hands and overall I have many more sharp shots from my slower shutter hand held shots. This was shot with the Nikon 70-200 2.8 at 70mm, F2.8, 1/100sec and ISO 1250.

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