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The Bridge to Be Our Guest

by Matthew Cooper
The Bridge to Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest may not have the best food on property (though I think it’s pretty good) but it makes up for it completely in charm and style. I consider it to be the best themed restaurant on property, though I may be slightly biased with my favorite Disney movie being none other than Beauty and the Beast. Therefore it’s no surprise I always spend ample time getting different pics of it from various angles and different times of day through my trip. I imagine this area will only be surpassed to me once Star Wars land is built. I do wish they had done a few things in this area differently though, most of all being I wish they had built the Beast Castle more to scale. It does seem slightly smallish in its current form, though I get what they were going for. I just wish it were a bit more grandiose. The surrounding area and inside are fantastic however, with one little caveat.

Editing Be Our Guest

That one caveat I’m speaking of is all the blue lighting the imagineers for one reason or another have decided to place practically everywhere in New Fantasyland. I complain about this often, but I really wish they will at some point redo the color scheme. It is really terrible for photographs and honestly I don’t like it that much in person either. Again I get what they were going for but I don’t really think it works. A more general lighting scheme I think would work better. It’s because of this I have once again taken the time to color correct both Beast Castle and the surrounding rocks to get rid of all the blue. This is done using a warming photo filter to soften up the blue color and then fully corrected using a color curves adjustment layer. It is a time consuming process but one I feel improves the look of the area. Enjoy.

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