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The Blue Monorail Sails Through an Epcot Sunset

by Matthew Cooper
The Blue Monorail Sails Through an Epcot Sunset

After chasing the light to Future World from in front of Spaceship Earth for the shot I posted previously I then proceeded to the walkway entering the World Showcase to shoot across the lake and get a shot with the monorail in it. I wasn’t sure if the timing would work out but the monorail actually arrived just as I was setup for the shot so it worked out really well.

I shot this scene using the Nikon 14-24 2.8 and the Pro Grey 7 stop ND filter. The ND filter gives me better control of the light and also allows me to shoot a little bit longer exposure. This is useful shooting into the sun as it helps smooth the water out a bit. For the monorail I took the ND off and shot at 1/250 to freeze the motion and pushed the ISO a bit to 320. I also prefocused where the monorail would be and then set the focus to manual so I would be certain to capture it just as I wanted. Then of course I blended it all together in post. You may wonder why I was concerned about timing if I just combined multiple shots. Well the main reason is because to make a realistic blend you want the light to be as similar as possible. At this time of day the light was quickly changing it wouldn’t have looked right if the monorail didn’t have the gorgeous gold light reflecting along its edge. Enjoy.

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