Spaceship Earth & the Case of the Missing Fountain Water

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How do you know you have stayed in Epcot a long time past closing? I am guessing having the fountain water shut off on you might be a sign. Epcot has become the easiest park to shoot and close out after hours. I rarely even see security, never mind feeling pressured to leave. I had been [...]

Waterrock Knob Milky Way

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After a decent sunset from Waterrock Knob (pictures to come), I decided to wait around a bit to see how visible the Milky Way would be. I was really winging it this trip so no real planning. The sky was very clear, it was quite cold and the wind was blowing like crazy. And while it's [...]

Main Street USA Reverse Slant

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I am guilty of going for the easy shots up and down Main Street USA. Pick a good spot in the middle of the street and fire away. I decided to try something different and this is the result. It is not a shot that is going to win any awards but I think it mixes [...]

Splash Mountain’s Magnificence

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I love the fact that there is no crazy light pollution directly behind Frontierland. It really lets the stars shine through and help complete the frontier feel of the shots from this area. It just would not work as well if you had a huge light pollution glow behind the mountains.

A Magic Kingdom Classic Rendering

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Today's shot is one of the most classic and iconic Magic Kingdom shots I can think of. Of course, now it's slightly updated with the turrets on both sides of Cinderella Castle. I really like the additions as it helps to fill the empty space to both sides of the castle nicely. I cannot say however [...]

Night of Fantasy

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Sorry for the lack of new posts recently. A terrible cold combined with a weird work schedule the past 2 weeks has not left me with a lot of time or energy for editing. I've managed to get a few shots edited however so here we go again.  This is similar to some other shots I've [...]

The Majesty of Cinderella Castle

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Another day, another Cinderella Castle photo. I have done so many of the castle now it has become incredibly difficult to make anything that stands out. I really have to spend the extra time with each photo to make sure I am doing everything I can with it so it does not get lost in the [...]

The Hub of the Magic Kingdom

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It's been a long time coming for the new hub of the Magic Kingdom to be fully completed and while some of it I don't particularly care for I do like the new turrets on the side of Cinderella Castle. Previously the spots where they are located felt a bit empty when shooting a wide shot [...]

Splash into the Night

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I haven't done a Splash Mountain photo in a while and it has been especially a long time since I did a night time version. This is your standard straight on view but one I feel never tires. It's a fantastic spot for a photo. Fortunately, the sky was quite clear over Splash and I was [...]

Castle Couture, Sir Mickey’s & Cinderella Castle

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I always talk about how the backside of Cinderella Castle is my favorite side of the castle. Unfortunately, this trip there were some construction walls off to the right of the rear of the Castle killing some of the options I had been wanting to try. I ended up shooting further back and to the right [...]