Cinderella Castle Nights

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Main Street USA is a lot of fun after hours for photographers, but I find the tendency is often to go for the wider-angle lenses. There are some great shots to be had with the longer focal length lenses as well. This is a shot I've been working on perfecting my last few trips with the [...]

One Day It Will All Be Yours

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This is a pretty standard Partners/Cinderella Castle shot with the new(ish) color scheme on the castle. Once again, I went as high as I could with my tripod on the edge of the planter to make the shot feel like your floating slightly above the ground. It is a small twist on the shot but I [...]

Partners from up High

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Usually I shoot a shot at a regular height or I will try to get low for it. This actually seems to be the trend in general for Disney Photography. Something I never see though is someone trying to go much higher with a shot. So I decided I would try it for this shot. I [...]

A Magic Kingdom Classic Rendering

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Today's shot is one of the most classic and iconic Magic Kingdom shots I can think of. Of course, now it's slightly updated with the turrets on both sides of Cinderella Castle. I really like the additions as it helps to fill the empty space to both sides of the castle nicely. I cannot say however [...]

All Their Wishes Part 2

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Today’s shot is once again a collaboration shot with my wife Erika. She had several shots from this showing of Wishes I wanted to edit and so now I’ve come back and edited a second one. You can follow her on Instagram @emcooperphoto. […]

A Thousand Wishes

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What perfect timing for a Fireworks Friday shot of Wishes on the 1st day of the year. This is my 2nd posted sequence from this shooting of Wishes. The only thing I'm not thrilled with are the white side bursts that go off in this sequence. It would look a lot better without them as all [...]

The Street to Cinderella Castle

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It's another year in the books and I think perhaps my best yet for quality content. I learned a lot leading up to and throughout the year. I think the biggest of these was moving a lot of my blending work away from Photomatix to manual blending using luminosity masks. I still think Photomatix is a [...]

Magic Kingdom Morning

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This morning the Magic Kingdom was opening early at 8am and it was also just before the time change. With these 2 factors I knew I wanted to get in the park right at open as there would still be some good light from sunrise, or at least I hoped there would weather permitting. On the [...]

Let’s All Make a Wish

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I have to admit I'm a sucker for the classic Wishes shot in front of Partners. I'm not a big fan of the 2.5 hour wait to pull it off however. When I arrived this area already had people sitting at almost every spot around Partners. I was just able to get a spot, though I [...]

A Partner in Mickey Mouse

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If you are a Disney photographer it's pretty much a given you have tons of shots of Partners. I'm definitely no exception but I keep coming back for more. For this shot I thought I focused primarily on Mickey but included just enough to show him holding Walt's hand. Its a composition I hadn't tried before [...]