Sunset Boulevard Nights

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Today's shot is another shot with the Nikon 35 1.4. In addition to the tighter view I get with this lens I love just how natural the scenes look with this lens. Per usual, the main difficulty with any shot that contains neon, is blending the neon correctly from an underexposure. It's tough to get right, and [...]

One Day It Will All Be Yours

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This is a pretty standard Partners/Cinderella Castle shot with the new(ish) color scheme on the castle. Once again, I went as high as I could with my tripod on the edge of the planter to make the shot feel like your floating slightly above the ground. It is a small twist on the shot but I [...]

Southerly Kingdom or the Shifting Focus

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This shot was taken with my Nikon 14-24 2.8 using my Grizzly beanbag. The camera was supported just above the ground with the beanbag and I used it to tilt the camera forward so that the camera is pointing towards the ground and not the sky. I then chose F2.8 and focused in the center of [...]

Quiet Night in Hollywood Studios

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As I'm slowly getting back into the swing of editing some new photos I wanted to pick something easy to start. This particular shot isn't too challenging with the only real problem being the few neon signs. It's nothing a bracketed set of photos, luminosity masks and some selective masking can't fix though. This edit took [...]

Spaceship Earth & the Case of the Missing Fountain Water

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How do you know you have stayed in Epcot a long time past closing? I am guessing having the fountain water shut off on you might be a sign. Epcot has become the easiest park to shoot and close out after hours. I rarely even see security, never mind feeling pressured to leave. I had been [...]

A Lonesome Night in the UK Pavilion

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I have done another shot from this location with the Nikon 14-24 but this time I tried the Nikon 35 1.4. I am really happy with how it turned out. The tighter view gives the image a more intimate feel to me. I also really like the little starbursts on the lamps. And of course shooting [...]

The Ominousness of Cinderella Castle

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With new lighting on Cinderella Castle (so I am told) comes new color schemes as well. This one in particular is very cool looking and I really like the way it reflects on the ground as well. I am curious if some of these will stick around all year round or if they are only for [...]

Crossroads of Neon

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This shot really requires a lot of patience. Shooting directly at the exit and wanting a people free image means you are going to have to wait a while. Still, it is a rarer shot so I think it is worth it. I got the bonus here of the plane trails coming out of Mickey's hand. [...]

Cinderella Castle Blue & Orange

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I am quite sure this is a new color scheme this fall season. I do not recall seeing it any other year and I am sure this is the first year I have seen anyone else post photos of it. Regardless I really like the two tone color scheme from this angle as the single colors [...]

Serenity of Japan

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I am sorry for the lack of new shots lately. A combination of lack of time and a lack of shots that I felt motivated to work on has had me sharing a bunch of older stuff (on Instagram at least). I've got a new trip approaching soon however so I wanted to get through the [...]