Mission Moon Space

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Mission Space has been one of those pavilions that I never really had a lot of pics of. I just never wound up on that side of the park around close and by the time I made it around there it was roped off. With that in mind I decided to dedicate some time during an [...]

Lunching Pad to the Moon

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When I saw the moon high over the Lunching Pad I knew I had to work that into a shot somehow. I ended up having to tilt the camera pretty far back even in vertical and I wound up with a bit of weird distortion but I don’t really mind considering the payoff here. I mean [...]

Prince Eric’s Castle & the Moon

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When I saw the moon rising over Prince Eric's Castle I knew I had to try to get an interesting shot of them together. Ultimately I wish the moon had appeared a little larger but I think it works at this size and is a pretty accurate rendition of how it looked in person. Shooting & [...]

Adventureland Tiki Statues & the Moon

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Unbelievable, after all the photos I've posted, this is only my second shot of the Adventureland Tiki Statues. The first one was pretty lackluster as well at least to my current standard. Let's jump right into the technical details on this one. Shooting & Editing Adventureland Tiki Statues Now with this photo the area appears very [...]

Mission Space & the Moon

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Mission Space for one reason or another has been a ride I have largely ignored shooting over the years. I think the reason for that is mostly just because the pattern I've shot Epcot in has usually had this area closed off before I could get to it. Only when I started shooting in this area [...]

The Moon Castle of Liberty Square

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Yet another shot I found lurking in my library just waiting to get out. I posted another shot from this series at Liberty Square but it was a tight telephoto shot on the castle. Originally I thought I preferred that shot, but now I think I like this one more. Really I guess I'm just splitting [...]

Moonrise Kingdom

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After riding Thunder Mountain we were heading to see Country Bears and we noticed the moon coming over the castle. The wife and I setup and started shooting like crazy as it rose up. Funny enough, as we setup there was no one around but as we started shooting people stopped to look at what we [...]

Tangerine Cafe

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More often than not I've shot at Disney on or near a new moon. This of course means no moon light and things can be quite dark. This trip was around the full moon and it was nice to have the moon light to really help light up the scenes. It's amazing the difference a little [...]

A Dream Moon Castle

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This is always a fun shot to get if you have time, but add in the moon and how can you not stop to take it? The Dreamlights really help put the icing on the photo here, and lucky for me, this was the first night they were lit and just after the lighting ceremony! Talk [...]