The Sky’s on Fire but I’m Hunting Monorails

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I have shot many sunsets at Walt Disney World but every occasionally you will get on that is extra special. This was one of those occasions. The 2 days preceding the arrival of Hurricane Matthew were some of the most awesome sunsets I have witnessed at Walt Disney World. Each evening the sky came alive in [...]

Universe of Solar & Kinetic Energy

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If I am going to retake a shot I've done before I like to ask myself how I can do that shot better. Otherwise, I am not sure if there is much point to retaking the shot. In this case, I had shot from this angle into the sun but did not capture the monorail. Plussing [...]

Flower & Garden Festival Red Monorail

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This shot has seemingly become the classic go to Flower & Garden Festival shot over the years. Still like a shot of Cinderella Castle it's hard to resist as it's just a perfect representation of the Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot. I have a couple different shots from this spot throughout the day in fact, [...]

A Sun Kissed Epcot

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I think at the moment my favorite park to shoot is Epcot. Even if some of the attractions need some updates the exteriors still provide lots of opportunities for great photos. I also love how many different spots you can get great sunset photos in the park, literally from front to back. This shot is again [...]

Journey into the Sunset

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This is a shot I have done many many times now, especially at sunset. Each one seems to have a unique feel however thanks to the dynamic sunsets I've captured here over the years. While this shot is not the best sunset I've captured here I still really like it as its got a gorgeous glow [...]

Monorail Into the Sunset of Your Imagination | Journey into Imagination

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This spot in front of Journey into Imagination is definitely a go to spot for myself and many other photographers. It's kind of an iconic shot in my opinion and has definitely been done a lot. At the very least you need a monorail to even bother these days but to really help it shine you're [...]

A Monorail’s Reflection of Spaceship Earth

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I haven't done a Monorail Monday post in quite some time so I figured it was time for another one. This was one of the last shots I took the night of the epic downpour at Epcot but one of my favorites. I found this nice puddle to use as a reflection for Spaceship Earth and [...]

The Blue Monorail Sails Through an Epcot Sunset

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After chasing the light to Future World from in front of Spaceship Earth for the shot I posted previously I then proceeded to the walkway entering the World Showcase to shoot across the lake and get a shot with the monorail in it. I wasn't sure if the timing would work out but the monorail actually [...]

Monorail in the Sunlight

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This is one of those shots I just happened to luck into. I wasn't looking to take this shot but as I was walking here towards Imagination I saw the monorail coming and quickly fired off a bracket and the elements were just there for a nice picture. Anytime I can get a sunburst and some [...]

The Monorail Seas

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This was a shot I had the idea for some time before our actual trip and was really looking forward to giving it a try. Unfortunately it didn't go off exactly as planned. I originally planned to light the monorail with a strobe trigger by my on camera flash. I used a remote to trigger my [...]