Cindy Purples


Not much to say about today’s shot of Cinderella Castle other than I really enjoy the color reflections on the ground you get during this color scheme. All blue is still my absolute favorite but

Cindy Purples 2017-08-02T09:44:55+00:00

Tomorrowland Nights


On my most recent trip I rented the Nikon 35 1.4 for dark ride shooting but ended up using it quite a bit as my walk around lens too. As a result, I ended up

Tomorrowland Nights 2017-04-24T09:27:38+00:00

Cinderella Castle Nights


Main Street USA is a lot of fun after hours for photographers, but I find the tendency is often to go for the wider-angle lenses. There are some great shots to be had with the

Cinderella Castle Nights 2017-06-05T12:26:38+00:00

One Day It Will All Be Yours


This is a pretty standard Partners/Cinderella Castle shot with the new(ish) color scheme on the castle. Once again, I went as high as I could with my tripod on the edge of the planter to

One Day It Will All Be Yours 2017-02-17T09:15:09+00:00

Purple Fantasy


This shot is similar to some others I've done but I have a little bit different framing here. I used the two spires on the left to frame Cinderella Castle which I think looks really

Purple Fantasy 2016-12-05T08:49:54+00:00

Tomorrowland 35


I have taken many ultra-wide shots of Tomorrowland so I decided to give the Nikon 35 1.4 a go through the land. Once again, it gives me a tighter view that really brings some of

Tomorrowland 35 2016-11-22T09:12:11+00:00

The Noiseless Bear Band Bears


The Country Bear Jamboree is not difficult to photograph. In fact, I would say it's one of the easiest shows to photograph at Disney World. I have shot this show with the Nikon 14-24, 24-70

The Noiseless Bear Band Bears 2016-11-02T08:40:11+00:00