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Serenity of Japan

I am sorry for the lack of new shots lately. A combination of lack of time and a lack of shots that I felt motivated to work on has had me sharing a bunch of older stuff (on Instagram at least). I've got a new...

Japan Illuminations 102 Seconds

Illuminations from Japan 102 Seconds

Shooting Illuminations from Japan is still my favorite spot to shoot Illuminations after all these years. Truthfully its probably the most popular spot among photographers. If you arrive early you can get setup on Teppan Edo's balcony with no one in front of you. This...

Japan Pavilion - Epcot

Japan Pavilion – Epcot

This was my first shot after the epic downpour during illuminations. The rain had subsided but was still drizzling. This prevented some unique shooting challenges for the night. I bracket my shots and often use remote mode so that when I press the trigger on...

The Pagoda & the Stars

The Pagoda & the Stars

I was going through a bunch of older work files of shots I started and never finished for one reason or another when I came across this shot. I thought it had potential but my original work on it was pretty terrible so I started...

The Serenity of Teppan Edo

The Serenity of Teppan Edo

My favorite place to shoot fireworks from, but I've done it so many times now I didn't even bother this trip. Still the building itself makes a wonderful night time shot. I think my favorite thing about photographing the world showcase is that you really...