Flowers of Beauty and the Beast

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Today's photo is probably a very common angle shot of the Beast and Belle topiaries displayed in the France Pavilion. I did bend down slight so there would be more flowers in the foreground and the shot would be more looking up at the topiaries. That's likely how the shot turns out for most people anyways [...]

Cinderella & Prince Charming Sun Dance

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For this shot, I definitely did a bit of working the scene first. I will start taking shots and moving around and making adjustments until I get something I feel is the shot I was looking for. Especially with the topiaries, the most obvious shot may not be the one I want. I don't want to [...]

Beauty and the Beast and Paris

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In honor of the new Beauty and the Beast movie trailer (which looks awesome by the way) I figured I'd post up one of my Beauty and the Beast related shots from the Flower & Garden Festival. For this particular shot I actually had the tripod fully extended on the edge of the fountain. I shot [...]

Midnight in Paris

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The title of this shot is really a happy accident. I processed this shot and was thinking of a name and I really wanted to name this Midnight in Paris after the movie, which I really loved. Imagine my surprise when I look at the clock and it was at exactly midnight. Of course, I HAD [...]

Cogsworth and Lumiere Topiaries France

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One of the most difficult parts after a new trip is simply deciding which photos to work on. Even worse I tend to blaze through a bunch of edits immediately after a trip and then I have difficulty deciding what order to post them in. I guess ultimately it doesn't really matter but I try to [...]

Fountains of France

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This is seemingly the go to shot in the France pavilion but oddly enough I don't think I've ever posted this shot. Well consider it rectified.I found when editing this shot it's definitely a fine line on how exposed you want the fountain to be. Too much its all one big blown mess, too low and [...]

I Left My Balance in France

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When I was setting up for this shot I originally had the camera leveled but looking through the viewfinder it felt a bit static so I started playing around with the angle a bit. I think this made the shot a bit more dynamic and interesting. This little area I think is great for an "empty [...]