Prince Eric’s & the Purple

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I did a couple things different with this shot of Prince Eric's castle. First off, I have done many shots over the fence and I thought it might be interesting to shoot with the fence and give more context to the shot. Really, it was just a good way to do something slightly different for this [...]

Gaston’s Open for Business

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I find it interesting that, at least every time I've visited, this area has been empty enough even an hour prior to park closing to get some empty park shots. I tried to mix this shot up a bit by going with the Nikon 35 to get a tighter more intimate shot compared to my past [...]

Night of Fantasy

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Sorry for the lack of new posts recently. A terrible cold combined with a weird work schedule the past 2 weeks has not left me with a lot of time or energy for editing. I've managed to get a few shots edited however so here we go again.  This is similar to some other shots I've [...]

Dusk at Be Our Guest

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Today's photo is the companion piece to yesterday's shot. It was taken immediately preceding the shot of the mine train. As this was taken shooting towards the sunset, the color is definitely more intense and there are more yellows on the horizon and in the clouds. It is interesting how even just 2-3 minutes later when [...]

Prince Eric’s Castle Sunfall

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I took this shot just as the sun was starting to set behind me at Be Our Guest. I really like the way the light is starting to take on a warmer color as it hits the castle here but I still have a nice deep blue sky with some interesting clouds. Shooting and editing for [...]

Cinderella’s Bokeh Fantasy

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This has really become one of my favorite things to shoot over the past few years. I continue to experiment with different angles and its lead to some results I'm really happy with. I have turned to my Nikon 70-200 more often than not for this shot and this was no exception. I shot at F3.2 [...]

Be Our Guest at the End of the Day

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The bridge walking towards Gaston's Tavern has become another one of my favorite sunset shooting spots in the past few trips. This was right as golden hour was about to begin but there was already beginning some wonderful light on the bridge to Be Our Guest. Since this shot is shooting into the sun, you might [...]

The Gates to the Kingdom

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This is a shot I've wanted to take for a while but just never got around to for some reason. I think I may have just given up on it because of time in the past. Almost every time the path was clear of people and I would start to shoot here would come another person [...]

Castle Couture, Sir Mickey’s & Cinderella Castle

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I always talk about how the backside of Cinderella Castle is my favorite side of the castle. Unfortunately, this trip there were some construction walls off to the right of the rear of the Castle killing some of the options I had been wanting to try. I ended up shooting further back and to the right [...]

Stillness in Motion

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I really like this spot for shots of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Unfortunately, you can only take so many regular shots here before it gets boring so I wanted to try something else. I setup the shot with my tripod so that I could do a long exposure to blur the train coming around the [...]