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The Sun Sets on Be Our Guest

by Matthew Cooper
The Sun Sets on Be Our Guest

Sunset in the parks is the most exciting time of the day for me. I anticipate how it will turn out all day. Sometimes it’s a dud but when you see the sky catch on fire like in this photo it really gets me pumped for shooting as I rush around the park like a madman trying to capture as many different shots as possible with the awesome light. If its a dud I’ll likely snap a few shots from wherever I am and move on with enjoying attractions. This particular evening however was definitely one for shooting. Normally I would have been shooting the Castle around this time but due to construction I opted to try out this spot at Be Our Guest. Of course I’m really glad I did.

Shooting & Editing The Sun Sets on Be Our Guest

This was shot with the Nikon D810 and Nikon 14-24 2.8. I ended up shooting a 9 shot bracket as the light was so bright over the horizon I didn’t want to risk blowing out the scene. Ultimately I used 3 of those exposures which I blended together using luminosity masks to create my base blend. Most of my work on this one was dodging and burning along with my standard color balancing and use of Nik Efex Pro Contrast.

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