Spaceship Earth & the Case of the Missing Fountain Water

How do you know you have stayed in Epcot a long time past closing? I am guessing having the fountain water shut off on you might be a sign. Epcot has become the easiest park to shoot and close out after hours. I rarely even see security, never mind feeling pressured to leave. I had been shooting for quite some time this night after hours when just as I was setting up for this shot the fountain water turned off. Maybe it did not even have to do with the late hour and something else was up, but I am not one to be easily deterred so now I have this unique (but pointless?) shot with the fountain turned off. It is not the showcase of the shot anyways so I think it does not matter much.

  • Billy Reichard

    Just stumbled upon this page and your pictures are breathtaking! Wonderful work! I’m excited to see more