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Spaceship Earth Lemons

by Matthew Cooper
Spaceship Earth Lemons

This is another shot I have done previously but always with my Nikon 14-24 2.8 at F2.8. Since I had the Nikon 35 1.4 for this trip I had to give it another go for two reasons. First of course is that bokeh at 1.4 and second the 35mm field of view that brings Spaceship Earth a little closer and makes it appear larger in the frame.  I used my Grizzly Camera Medium Bean-Bag to get the camera slightly off the ground and get just the right angle so that I could get the entirety of Spaceship Earth in frame. I shot a couple frames at F1.4 to get the bokeh and then shot another series at F8 focusing on the background. I blended these two shots together so in the foreground, I have the cool looking bokeh of the fiber optic lights at F1.4 and the background is tack sharp from the shot at F8. I don’t know about you but now I think I want some lemonade.

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