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Snow White’s Scary Adventures – The Coloring

by Matthew Cooper
Snow White’s Scary Adventures – The Coloring

For those of you familiar with this attraction, no they haven’t changed the lighting scheme. I changed it for them. As I’ve stated in the past, it seems Disney gets blue lights at extreme discounts and in huge bulk as they seem to use them all over their properties at night. Disregarding photography for just a second, I’m not a fan of them even in person. I wish they would opt to go for more realistic lighting schemes. Bathing everything in blue seems like an easy way to light everything in “night” mode. As for photography well in general I feel it photographs awful and gets worse as you try to dial up the saturation. I initially worked on this shot for about an hour before I realized I wouldn’t be happy enough with this scene shot with the blue lighting to share it online. Thus, I decided to again take a stab and changing up a blue lit scene to a more natural color scheme with color correction in Photoshop. Another hour and a half of color correction work and this is the result. I am much more pleased with this than the initial blue lit look I edited and if nothing else I hope you enjoy a unique take on this scene.

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