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Snow White & the Three Dwarfs

by Matthew Cooper
Snow White & the Three Dwarfs

I have missed the Flower & Garden Festival several years in a row now and I couldn’t let another year pass by. Our main trip this year is going to be during the fall but I was able to get a few days off to head down for a 2 day trip. Shooting Flower & Garden was the main event but I also had an excellent day shooting in Magic Kingdom with an interesting ending which I’ll share on a future image. Even though this was my shortest trip since I started photographing the parks it was one of the most productive. I have a ton of great images and I can’t wait for you all to see them. Now since the main reason I went down was for the Flower & Garden Festival I figured it would only be appropriate to start off with a shot from the festival.

This was shot with the Nikon D810 and Nikon 14-24 2.8. I shot at F8 to keep both Snow White and the dwarfs behind her sharp. Shooting super wide with the 14-24 really lets you keep a lot in focus even at smaller depth of field apertures but F8 is kinda my go to as it’s the sharpest aperture on the lens. Editing was mostly color balancing, levels adjustments with luminosity masks and selective saturation adjustments.

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