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Seven Dwarfs – Snow White’s Scary Adventures

by Matthew Cooper
Seven Dwarfs - Snow White's Scary Adventures

This is a ridiculously difficult shot. I rode Snow White’s Scary Adventures several times over the course of 4 days and this is the best I could do. The jerky nature of the ride along with having what felt like less than 1 second to get all 7 dwarfs in frame, for me at least, puts this in the upper tier of difficult dark ride shots.


Processing was very light on this one with a single levels adjustment, a tweak to saturation and a pass of denoise and sharpening using my dark ride denoising technique. I’ve had a few people request more details on this so I’m happy to say I’ll be recording a video very soon that will fully explain my techniques for denoising and sharpening dark ride photos. This video will provide a good foundation for denoising your dark ride shots without losing detail and sharpening them in a way that you sharpen the important details and not the noise.

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