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Roy & Minnie Main Street USA

by Matthew Cooper
Roy & Minnie Main Street USA

This is one of the last photos from my recent trip and it comes with a bit of a story. I’ve been shooting in the parks for several years now and one of the consistent things about shooting an empty Main Street USA is the ever present security guards. As I started shooting this night in the hub itself the guards were present as usual, and I did as I always do, get a few shots and move further down Main Street towards the exit. I was having a good time shooting around Main Street USA and did not realize quite some time had passed with practically no other guests in the park. What’s more, I didn’t even notice any security in my immediate vicinity. Usually by now, they’d be pressing in for me to leave. That was 20 minutes before I took this shot. By the time I took this, shot save for some 1 or 2 cleanup workers there was no one around. No guests, no security, no one. I was literally the only person in the park as far as I could see. I had spent significantly longer shooting on Main Street USA than ever before but no one was pushing me to leave. I did take a moment to take it all in, but as this was my last night and I had a long drive back home the next day I just took a few more quick shots and headed for the exits. There was a security guy on the other side of the Train Station who wished me good night but it was still a surreal experience. It’s the sort of thing I’ve experienced at Epcot before but never the Magic Kingdom.

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Edward D Jankauskas May 31, 2016 - 12:51 pm

Best Disneyworld photos I’ve ever seen!

Matthew Cooper May 31, 2016 - 12:58 pm

Thank you kind sir!


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