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Prime Time Cafe

by Matthew Cooper
Prime Time Cafe

Wandering around Hollywood Studios before closing one night I was walking past Prime Time Cafe when it struck me I did not have a single photo of the location. Fortunately even though it wasn’t closing time yet, this area of the park is dead in the late evenings. I’m actually surprised a bit surprised I never had a shot until now as my wife and I always eat here as she really likes it. Oh well, one more off the checklist.

Shooting & Editing Prime Time Cafe

This was shot with the Nikon D810 and Nikon 14-24 2.8. I stood a ways back and used the Nikon 14-24 to try to get the whole building in. I succeeded in that but honestly I think I got a bit too much floor in the shot. If i were to redo it I’d probably get a bit closer and sacrifice a bit of the wall on the left while also shooting a bit more from the left towards the right. I also would have preferred a non-spinning sign. I actually shot a high ISO fast shot to stop it but once I saw it in Lightroom I knew it wasn’t going to work for this image. I created the base of this image with 2 of my bracket shots, 1 being an underexposure to tame the highlights. I also spent a decent amount of time healing the ground as it was quite a mess. It’s amazing what a difference a clean ground can do for an image and it’s really easy to do, if not a bit time consuming depending on how bad it is.

Do you enjoy eating at the Prime Time Cafe?

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