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Peoplemover Castle

by Matthew Cooper
Peoplemover Castle

I usually don’t bother too much with shooting while on the Transit Authority. It is my time to relax and take the weight off my shoulders (literally, my camera bag is incredibly heavy). I rarely ride at this time of day however so I figured I would take a couple shots and see how they turned out. If they did not pan out, I would have them for myself at least. I was pleasantly surprised with how this shot as you round the corner to the view of Cinderella Castle turned out. I did opt for a 16×9 crop down from the usual 3×2 aspect ratio I try to maintain. The reason being is the roof just took up too much of the shot and overpowered it. With the 16×9 crop it leaves just enough to help accentuate the curve and frame the castle without overpowering the shot.

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