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Read and see photos from my adventures to Disney World and beyond!

Locked in an Eternal Battle

Locked in an Eternal Battle

As I mentioned the other day I’ve decided to go back and start processing some of the many dark ride shots I’ve taken over the years. It seems a waste to just let them sit on my hard drive and almost none of them see the light of day. I went quite a ways back for this one all the way to November 2012. Now technically this isn’t an on-ride shot, it’s in the queue of Pirates of the Caribbean, but I still say it counts. Granted it’s a little easier as you’re not on a moving ride vehicle but there’s still a bit of challenge to it.

It's a Small World Pano

Small World Pano

This is a pretty easy ride to shoot but then I end up looking at the photos and just think they’re not worth the effort to post. Well I saw an opportunity with this shot to do something maybe a little bit different that maybe...

A Tribute to Gaston from Gaston

A Tribute to Gaston from Gaston

From the looks of this photo it seems that Gaston’s fountain could use a bit of a cleaning. I’m not sure if they bother in general or if they just wait ’til a refurbishment time to clean it up. Hopefully they are able to bust out the rags and polish for overnight cleanups and I just got it on a bad day.

Brer Fox Captures Brer Rabbit

Brer Fox Captures Brer Rabbit

Every trip to Disney World thousands of photos. Of these probably 30-40% are dark ride photos. For some reason though I end up sharing very few of them so I keep asking myself why I’m even bothering to shoot all those photos if I’m never going to share them. Well I’m going to try and change that. I’m going back through multiple trips of shots and finding some of my favorite unprocessed dark ride shots to share. I’ve got literally hundreds if not thousands that have never even been touched.

Plutos Palace

Pluto’s Palace

One night a couple hours before Hollywood Studios closed I wasn’t really in the mood for rides. I really just wanted to do some shooting but of course that can be problematic if you want people free shots. I ended up wandering around the park for a few hours shooting different angles where I could get people free shots even though they were everywhere. I’m really glad I did as I ended up with a bunch of shots I probably would have never taken otherwise like this one of Pluto’s Palace.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Entrace

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Entrance

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train honestly has a pretty boring entrance in my opinion. The best photo opportunities of the ride are really on the complete opposite side. That said I felt this was probably the best way to show off the entrance as it includes some more interesting elements from Fantasyland. The color scheme of the elements really works well and adds a bit of color contrast with the blue lighting. A straight on or even diagonal of just the entrance would probably be pretty meh.