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New Photo Editing Video Series

by Matthew Cooper

I’m finally pleased to announce the release of the 1st episode in my new video series. In this first episode we have critiques on some of the submissions, a full length edit in Photoshop and an in depth advanced Photoshop technique segment. The first episode runs almost 1 1/2 hours and has been split in to 2 parts. In part 1 we take a look and critique some of the photos submitted as well as do a full length edit in Photoshop. In part 2 we dive into some advanced Photoshop techniques including straightening and removal of unwanted elements. As this is the first episode I’d especially love to hear all of your thoughts and comments so we can fine tune and improve the episodes as we go along.

Also please keep sending those submissions into matthewcooper@outlook.com as this is going to be a weekly video series and I’ll need a constant stream of photos from all of you to make this work. And of course, just because you don’t see your photo on an episode this week doesn’t mean it won’t be in a future episode.

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