Nemo's Sunset Lagoon | Matthew Cooper Photography
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Nemo's Sunset Lagoon

Nemo’s Sunset Lagoon

All of last week’s Disneyland shots were pretty easy and straight forward. This one was definitely a step up in the difficulty factor. Let me lay out the details.

To start I shot a 7-shot bracket with the Nikon 14-24 2.8 for the overall scene. Then I shot an additional set of brackets using my hand to block the sun. I do this so I can then use shots from this bracket to remove the flaring from shooting directly into the sun. I then shot 4 additional shots, 2 for each submarine and 2 for each monorail. Each submarine is a different and the monorail is orange on one rail and red on the other. This is an exercise in patience more than anything.

I used 4 total shots to build my base blend and 4 additional shots for each of the aforementioned elements. A fair amount of blending and editing later this is my final result. All told I had 36 different layers for my final edit and a PSB file over 5GB. It was a lengthy time to shoot and even longer to edit but worth it for the result I believe. Enjoy.

Matthew Cooper