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National Park Mickey & the Blue Sky

by Matthew Cooper
National Park Mickey & the Blue Sky

This trip I really tried to shoot a lot of day time shots. It’s something I’ve shied away from before but something I’ve been wanting to embrace and run with. The first half of my day at Epcot was a bust as the sky was grayish and cloudy but fortunately it broke and I did wind up with some great cloud filled blue skies later in the day.

My other photography love besides Disney is landscape photography (evident in my Disney shooting style I think) and I recently was able to visit my first national park. Even before this it’s been my goal to visit as many as I can in the near future and this most recent visit really has me yearning even more to visit more national parks soon. Until then at least I have this shot of National Park Mickey which is a fun crossover of my two photography loves.

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