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Monorails and Submarines and Matterhorns and Stars… OH MY!

by Matthew Cooper
Monorails and Submarines and Matterhorns and Stars OH MY

Shooting the lagoon at sunset was an exercise in patience and editing definitely had its share of difficulties considering the number of shots, the passage of time and blending it all together to look real. Well if you try that shot and you don’t think it’s hard enough try to do the same thing at night. This is one of the most difficult shots I feel like I’ve ever done. Seriously, it’s legit tough, especially the edit. This shot is comprised of 5 different shots. 2 for a base blend, 1 for the monorail, 1 for the submarine, and an additional shot for the stars (shot at ISO 1600 to capture as many as possible in the light polluted Anaheim sky).

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Byron Olson November 28, 2020 - 11:43 am

AMAZING! This is a popular photo location but yours is by far my favorite pic of the Matterhorn and Submarine Lagoon. Excellent work in both the capture(s) and edit. This photograph personifies the perfect fantasy/reality balance that is Disneyland: fantasy elements of exaggerated, glowing color saturation with a starlit night sky and the reality of a photograph versus a painting. Well Done!


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