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Lunching Pad to the Moon

by Matthew Cooper
Lunching Pad to the Moon

When I saw the moon high over the Lunching Pad I knew I had to work that into a shot somehow. I ended up having to tilt the camera pretty far back even in vertical and I wound up with a bit of weird distortion but I don’t really mind considering the payoff here. I mean the moon is almost aligned perfectly with the tip of the Lunching Pad which I think is pretty awesome.

Shooting & Editing Lunching Pad to the Moon

This was shot with the Nikon D810 and Nikon 14-24 2.8. While I’m mostly happy with this image I did wind up with some flaring from the brightness of the moon. What I should have done is taken an additional shot blocking out the moon to reduce flaring throughout the rest of the image. Not only does blocking the moon obviously get rid of the flares but it would have boosted the contrast to the rest of the image. Any time you have light bouncing around inside the lens creating flares you are also reducing your contrast. Just something to keep in mind and hopefully you can learn something from my little mistake here.

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