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Locked in an Eternal Battle

by Matthew Cooper
Locked in an Eternal Battle

As I mentioned the other day I’ve decided to go back and start processing some of the many dark ride shots I’ve taken over the years. It seems a waste to just let them sit on my hard drive and almost none of them see the light of day. I went quite a ways back for this one all the way to November 2012. Now technically this isn’t an on-ride shot, it’s in the queue of Pirates of the Caribbean, but I still say it counts. Granted it’s a little easier as you’re not on a moving ride vehicle but there’s still a bit of challenge to it.

This was shot with my old Nikon D800 and the Nikon 35 1.4. Honestly I think I still prefer the grain structure of my D800 to the D810 on high ISO shots. The D810 wins hands down for low ISO shots but I don’t find the D810’s high iso look as appealing as the D800. Go figure. Processing was very quick and easy on this shot. I used Nik Efex Pro Contrast and then did some color balancing to tame the yellows a bit. I denoised the shadow areas and sharpened everything else.


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