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Land of Fantasy & Wishes

by Matthew Cooper
Land of Fantasy & Wishes

I didn’t have any real plans for shooting Wishes this night but I knew I wasn’t gonna bother shooting from in front of Cinderella Castle. I was in Fantasyland about 30 minutes before the show and originally was hoping to try and shoot from the balcony of the Pinocchio Haus but it was roped off. That was disappointing but not a deal breaker as I just went slightly around the corner and found this spot shooting into old Fantasyland (I can call it that right?) that I felt had a lot of good elements from front to back and would frame the fireworks shot from Cinderella Castle nicely.

I chose to shoot without an ND filter this time for a couple reasons. One there aren’t many fireworks shot in this area so my exposures were going to be relatively short. Additionally using an ND would have killed all the light in Fantasyland. I did adjust my f-stop throughout the show and most of my frames turned out very well. My general rule was to try to keep it under 10 seconds to avoid blowing out the fireworks.  This shot was at F16 for 8.8 seconds with the Nikon 14-24 2.8

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