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Just Make a Wish

by Matthew Cooper
Just Make A Wish

I originally spent about 20 minutes on this shot and then thinking I had something decent showed it to my wife, who promptly told me it sucked and I wasn’t trying hard enough. Sooooo, I spent another hour and a half working on this shot and now I think it’s pretty sweet. I’d have to agree with her the first rendition sucked and I was being lazy. I’m glad I have someone around to keep my in line and from becoming  complacent with my photography.

When I setup here it was actually a compromise as I wasn’t able to get a spot anywhere else. The construction in the hub has limited a lot of spaces making Wishes even more crowded than I remember before. I didn’t really want the people in the shot but now that I’m seeing it I think it actually helps make the shot. The few visible faces add a lot to the story. What are the chances any of you are some of these people?

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend everyone.

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