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Japan Illuminations Ultra Wide 172 Seconds

by Matthew Cooper
Japan Illuminations Ultra Wide

I have shot from this location many times as I know many other photographers have. It’s kinda the go to location for great Illuminations shots. I’ve never shot it with my Nikon 14-24 however as I usually prefer to shoot with an ND filter and I’ve never had one for that lens until this trip.

As I mentioned previously this day had been a major bust for photography outside and so around 7:30, just to be safe, and because I was tired anyway I went ahead and headed to Teppan Edo to setup for the shot. Fortunately there was no one there and I was able to setup and relax for a bit and just take in the atmosphere here… as well as watch the radar in hopes of an epic down pour for shooting later that night.

What I really liked about using the 14-24 here is the ability to include the Pagoda on the far right. In the past I’ve shot my Nikon 24-70 from here and featured the Torii gate alone. I really think this wider view is the best of all the ones I’ve done as there’s something interesting to look at across virtually the entire frame.

A quick bit of technical info. As mentioned this was with the 14-24 2.8 and I used the Pro Grey filter system to attach an ND to the 14-24. I used a 7 stop ND for this show. The exposure was 172 seconds at F8. Enjoy, happy fireworks Friday and have a great weekend everyone!

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