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Hollywood Studio’s Classic Cars & Neon

by Matthew Cooper
Hollywood Studio's Classic Cars & Neon

I personally really love all of Hollywood Studio’s Classic Cars. They help offer a unique element to various shots around the park. For this shot I really wanted to test out the Sigma 24 1.4 I had rented from Borrowlenses to see how the bokeh was. Since this was my first night shooting and I always import my images and review them the same night this would give me a good idea of what I was working with for the rest of the trip.

Sigma 24 1.4 AF Problems

First off let me say the Sigma’s image quality is absolutely stunning. I really love the quality of the image you get from it, however I did have some issues with the copy I received from Borrowlenses. The lens arrived the day before we left to drive down to Walt Disney World and I set to testing it and configuring the AF Fine tune using Reikan Focal. A quick side note: If you have not AF Fine tuned your lenses to your camera body you should do this immediately. An uncalibrated lens can lead to soft or even missed shots. Anyway, I was shocked to find during calibration the lens needed an AF Fine tune correction of over +30 to fix. Unfortunately that is outside of the range of the micro adjustments you can make in body. I contacted Borrowlenses and they agreed to ship a replacement copy to my destination. This new copy was slightly better and I was able to calibrate it with an AF adjustment of +17, not ideal, but within the adjustment range. Unfortunately even so I still struggled with locking accurate focus throughout the trip. I am certain I was simply dealt a bad copy of the lens as several people I know have this lens and shoot it without the problems I experienced. I would give this lens another chance but only if it were a purchase that I was able to spend the time and work with the manufacturer to have corrected to work as it should. As I mentioned, the image quality is fantastic, when I was able to lock focus accurately. Unfortunately it cost me a bunch of shots when shooting at F1.4 simply due to missing focus and I ended up not using it nearly as much as I had planned.


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