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Has Anyone Seen the Living Seas?

by Matthew Cooper
Has Anyone Seen the Living Seas

I’d usually take this space to talk about today’s photo but instead I’ll be using it to wish my wife Erika a Happy (9th!) anniversary. She’s the real mastermind behind the scenes who always looks at my photos, tells me when they suck, and helps me keep a hold and perspective on what I put out. She continues to put up with my photography obsession often staying late into the early morning in the parks for me to pursue this little passion of mine. If you’ve enjoyed anything I’ve put out a bit of thanks is owed to her for continued support and helping make sure what I put out is my absolute best effort. Happy Anniversary Erika!

Shooting & Editing Has Anyone Seen the Living Seas?

This was shot with the Nikon D810 and Nikon 14-24 2.8. I used a base exposure of 25 seconds and then using luminosity masks cleaned up the highlights ultimately using 3 total shots for this end result. There was quite a bit of flaring in the sky on this one thanks to a light just out of frame. I used similar methods to yesterday’s shot to clean up the sky while retaining the stars and again was the most time consuming part of this shot.

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