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Goofy Bokeh

by Matthew Cooper
Goofy Bokeh

When these little statues were in the hub, like the Goofy one here, I used to love trying out different angles shooting them to try and get interesting backgrounds. I especially love shooting them from a bit of a distance with the Nikon 70-200 2.8 as you can get a really shallow depth of field and create some really interesting bokeh behind them. Of course there’s only so many different ways you can shoot them and so the past few trips I had kinda laid off shooting them. Now that the statues have been moved due to the hub expansion its like shooting them all for the first time again. For this shot you have Main Street USA behind you so you get a lot of yellow lighting which I think is a good compliment to the statue. You’ve also got a bit of orange from the Mickey pumpkins they had up for fall decorations. Now shooting everything straight on can be kinda boring and not very creative but for the Goofy statue I thought it actually worked well because it accentuates how tall he is.

Now often I use live-view focusing when I’m working on a tripod, and especially when I’m working with a shallow depth of field. The reason being focusing in liveview is much more accurate than focusing through the viewfinder. Additionally you can focus on any point in the frame as opposed to just the points in the viewfinder. I was having a bit of a problem focusing on the statue properly still due to the light but fortunately I always carry a flashlight with me. By shining the flashlight on the statue I was able to set focus and lock it down for the shot. Enjoy.

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