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Frontierland’s Setting Sun

by Matthew Cooper
Frontierland's Setting Sun

This shot really came together even better than I had imagined. To start I was just chasing the sun which inevitably lead me over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I noticed the Liberty Belle making its way down the Rivers of America and quickly setup my shot and fired off a few shots to make sure I had it for my shot. I then fired off a bracket for the entire scene and then finally a few individual shots of the passing train. In photoshop I used a single base exposure and one underexposure for the sky to get a nice even exposure. Then I masked in the Liberty Belle and train from their respective shots. I did some levels adjustments to blend it all together nicely then set to work on my standard editing procedures. In the end I think it all really came together nicely and I think the Liberty Belle ended up being just that little bit of extra icing to make this shot perhaps my favorite Thunder Mountain shot I’ve ever taken.

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