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Flowers of Beauty and the Beast

by Matthew Cooper
Flowers of Beauty and the Beast

Today’s photo is probably a very common angle shot of the Beast and Belle topiaries displayed in the France Pavilion. I did bend down slight so there would be more flowers in the foreground and the shot would be more looking up at the topiaries. That’s likely how the shot turns out for most people anyways but at 6’4 I have a somewhat different shooting perspective than a lot of people and I find myself dropping lower all the time for a better vantage photographically speaking.

I used 3 shots blended with luminosity masks for this shot. The spotlights they use to light the topiaries look good in person but can create some very hot spots when you do long exposures. After that it was a bit of color balancing, contrasts adjustments and a bump to the saturation and this one is done.

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