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Flower & Garden Festival Red Monorail

by Matthew Cooper
Flower & Garden Festival Red Monorail

This shot has seemingly become the classic go to Flower & Garden Festival shot over the years. Still like a shot of Cinderella Castle it’s hard to resist as it’s just a perfect representation of the Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot. I have a couple different shots from this spot throughout the day in fact, but this one is my favorite thanks to the wonderful sky. The sky had kinda sucked for a lot of the day until a bit later in the afternoon the blues really kicked up in intensity and these wonderful clouds rolled in. They really help add a lot of interest to a shot that otherwise might not be as unique. I really loved too that this shot was with the red monorail. The red works really well and pops out in the shot whereas some of the other monorail colors blend in to the scene.

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