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Fall Blue Ridge Parkway Drive

by Matthew Cooper
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I am taking a big detour for today’s shot away from Walt Disney World and into the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I have a deep love for this time of year when all the leaves start changing colors. Somehow, though I have never been able to visit the Smokies during peak fall color, that is, until this year. It really took my love for autumn to an entirely different level with all the beauty on display along the Blue Ridge Parkway and in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park itself. I will be sharing a few of my favorites from the trip in the coming days and weeks intermixed with continuing Disney content. I took this shot from the Waterrock Knob overlook, which is along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. The sun had just set below the horizon and I wanted to take a stab at my first car trails shot. The autumn colors are on full display in the mountains and the orange color the sky took on really complimented the beautiful fall colors.

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