Explaining People Free Park Photos - The Deceitful Kingdom | Matthew Cooper Photography
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The Deceitful Kingdom - Explaining People Free Park Photos

Explaining People Free Park Photos – The Deceitful Kingdom

I constantly get asked how do I take pictures of the park without people in them. The answer is pretty simple, just wait for the people to not be in the shot. I wanted to illustrate how deceiving an empty park shot photo can be through this otherwise throwaway photo of mine. The photo I posted of Cinderella Castle earlier today has absolutely no one in it. It would appear I am completely by myself in the park. This shot however was taken within minutes of the Cinderella Castle shot directly behind me by literally turn the tripod around from the spot I was in. As you can see there are still tons of people left in the park. The trick then is all about shooting the park in a way you are in position to take photos of sections with no people as the areas are emptying out and before security closes them off and users you out as well. After this shot I proceeded to shoot more around the front of Cinderella Castle getting “empty park shots” while Main Street USA emptied out behind me. This may be one of the only times when you’re truly waiting for everyone to get out of the park if you are wanting a people free shot down Main Street USA. Hopefully this sheds some light on this for a lot of you.

Matthew Cooper